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Art in all its forms is a passion for creation which is uniquely expressed and shared.

Being an artist is thought to be by many as easy in application but an undesirable choice for a “career”.

Even though art is widely appreciated it is also taken for granted in everyday life or not even recognised.

We at ASLI understand this and want to make a change.


We want to engage with artists and their art.

ASLI have 4 artists on our team which makes our understanding unique., each of these artists brings different aspects of the arts to ASLI. All 4 artists are working artists in the areas of: visual arts, illustration, creative writing, children’s literature, photography, SFX makeup, dance, film, music, comedy and performance art.

These 4 artists are Charlotte Farhan , Sadie Kaye, Lisa Reeve  and Jade Bryant, who believe in building a community of artists all over the world to initiate a stronger platform for art today and in the future.

ASLI also believe that creativity can benefit all aspects of life, which is why we have a diverse team comprising of speciality fields such as environmental sustainability, animal management, ethics and welfare, social work, care work, economics, politics, history, philosophy, psychology and languages.


Believing that all artists are lionhearted and integral to the mission, to ASLI, artists are our worlds revolutionists unremittingly generating something important and meaningful with art.

Spending more time on their artistry than will ever be rewarded to them.

To most artists this does not signify failure or even matter by their virtue of creating art.

The gift is in the ability to communicate, challenge and allow perspective on our time, ourselves and how we proceed with the future.

Freedom of expression and freedom of thought are championed and given the significance needed at ASLI.

So if you are an artist and identify with our vision and want to get involved please take a look at all we have to offer and see if you want to join us or support us in some way.



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