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Every 3 months we centre our efforts around one campaign and within this we have art projects, local events, fundraising, our ASLI quarterly magazine, ASLI Blog, social media campaigns, art auctions, guest bloggers/feature writers, petitions, volunteer days and the list just keeps growing. With a plan to add a YouTube channel and pod casts by next year.

Our first ever campaign was “Celebration of Women” and you can see our amazing artists and their involvement in our ASLI Magazine here and the ASLI Blog here

Issue 1 – Celebration of Women – ASLI MAGAZINE
Issue 1 – Celebration of Women – ASLI MAGAZINE

This campaign was launched on the 8th of March International Women’s Day and we wanted to celebrate women as well as discuss and highlight specific issues facing women worldwide via the medium of art and all its different mediums. Ranging from visual art, photography, film, documentary, dance, theatre, poetry, creative writing and music.

The issues we highlighted:

Education for Girls

Equal Rights for Women

Gender Stereotypes

Violence against Women

Women and Body Image  

Our Second Campaign:

May – August – Mental Illness, Health and Recovery

Issue 2 – Mental Illness, Health and Recovery – ASLI MAGAZINE
Issue 2 – Mental Illness, Health and Recovery – ASLI MAGAZINE

And we addressed the following issues within our campaign:

  • Mental illness and your personal story
  • Stigma
  • Stereotypes about mental illness
  • Art and creative therapies
  • Highlighting specific psychiatric illnesses
  • Achieving mental health
  • Recovery
  • Medication and Treatment
  • Politics, society and mental illness

We took part in raising awareness for particular mental illnesses and their specific awareness months and weeks during the time period of our campaign:

Here is the Full second issue of ASLI MAGAZINE – click HERE

Find out what our current campaign is and our upcoming campaigns for 2016 – by clicking HERE

So how can you get involved?

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ASLI INFO GRAPHIC By Charlotte Farhan

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