Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Art Saves Lives as well as support us.

How about becoming a VOLUNTEER

 As a non-profit organisation we work as volunteers. We are always looking for more help and YOU could be just the key. We NEED people who are enthusiastic and who BELIEVE in our mission and aims.


The roles in which you can volunteer in are:

  • General volunteering – If you are PASSIONATE, ENERGETIC and want to be an important part of the TEAM. This could be a volunteer position just for YOU. We require help with the general tasks and needs of ASLI which include helping at events, administration work, social media admin, distributing our literature, general organisation, fundraising and promotion.

  • Skilled volunteering – if you have a skill or qualification and you feel it would be beneficial to us WE WANT YOU! Our team is diverse in appropriate skills and we are always looking to expand our proficiency. We need people who believe that their savvy or qualification can benefit people, animals and the planet.
  • Project Volunteers – When we have a project on there is a lot involved in making it a success. This is when we need extra support and volunteers . So if you see a particular project you wish to be involved in and feel you could help with your time or expertise then GET INVOLVED!
  • Online Volunteers – This position is open worldwide If you are keen on our cause and are online confident then we want you to get involved. We need admin for our social media and we need people to drum up support and further our cause internationally. If this sounds like something you could do PLEASE GET INVOLVED!

Ideally we would like you to commit to your role for a year a few hours every week. But we are grateful and flexible on whatever time you can offer. We also feel this is great work experience as well as a rewarding role within our world.


8 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Hello my name is Olga and I would love to be involved as a volunteer. I am a dancer and interior designer! Please let me know how, when, where I can help – so thrilled at the prospects!!!


      1. Hello Charlotte! I have nothing to submit but I would love to be involved or collaborate. My involvement could be in the capacity of a volunteer wherever required. Let me know how we can make this possible!


  2. I would love so much to volunteer for this organization, couldn’t find a location or any information on how though.
    Also I’m located in Canada. Not sure where the base is for you guys.


    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. Our location is at the bottom of the website and we are based in the UK in a city called Portsmouth. But we would love you to contact us at as we are always looking for new volunteers around the world. We work online and offline as an organisation and one of our directors is based in Hong Kong. Get in touch to get involved. Thanks.


  3. Hi – I may have contacted you before but I’ve lost track! I live in Alton, Hants, am an artist/writer and have suffered depression and anxiety most of my adult life. If I could be of any help at all, I would be happy to volunteer in any way, including online.

    Jo Clutton


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