We at ASLI are committed to engaging, educating and expressing our world through art.

We are an independent organisation made up of professionally skilled individuals volunteering their time and expertise to bring about change through the mediums of art. Giving back to the local and international community.

As well as our need for this donated time and these donated skills, talent and art. We also require money to move forward with our mission.

This will enable us to create inclusive projects using art to engage individuals and communities through different art forms. This also includes organising month long campaigns highlighting issues which we feel are important in order to achieve our aim through art. This is done within the community, the UK and the rest of the world with our strong social media presence and ASLI ARTIST ARMY. Allowing us to engage with everyone.

Your donation will help us to use art as a tool to educate. This can be done by campaigning for better art education and alternatives within communities so that it can help everyone have access to art education and creative learning.

Furthermore this important donation will help us to give a voice to the unheard and unseen through the arts. Using art as a language to express our stories, dreams, ideas, feelings, trauma… is encouraged to be expressed in which ever creative medium of choice. This allows our world to be more representative, giving a voice to everyone is something we believe to be a fundamental right.

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